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District 2
District 2

MHPS Bridge Officers


Kathy Somogyi
Cdr Kathy Somogyi, AP

Commander Flag

The Commander presides at all squadron meetings;general membership andexecutive committee. Is a voting Member at national meetings (Governing Board/Annual Meeting) and district meetings (Council/Conference). Responsible for proper turnover at the end of term to their successor.

Pat Smalley
Executive Officer
Lt/C Pat Smalley, AP

Lieutenant Commander Flag

Concerned with external functions of the squadron. Ex officio member of all committees in Executive department. If Commander absent, perform Commander duties & functions. Responsible for proper turnover at the end of term.

Ernie Klopping
Administrative Officer
Lt/C Ernie Klopping

Lieutenant Commander Flag

Concerned with internal functions of squadron. Ex officio member of all committees in Administration department. If Commander & Executive Officer absent, Administrative Officer performs Commander duties & functions. Executes end-of-term turnover.

Robert Reilly
Squadron Education Officer (SEO)
Lt/Cdr Robert Reilly, AP

Lieutenant Commander Flag

Manages the Educational Department, Schedules courses, seminars. Trains & certifies instructors. Conducts ABC3 on behalf of Squadron. Member of District Educational Dept. Serves as liaison for information received from district and national Gives proper turnover at the end of term.

1st/Lt Ed weber, SN
Assistant Squadron Education Officer (ASEO)
1st/Lt Ed Weber, SN

First Lieutenant Pennant
Kathleen Ferreira
Lt/C Kathleen Ferreira

Lieutenant Commander Flag

Responsible for all the non-financial records. Authors Squadron correspondence, minutes, calls for meetings. Maintains official squadron member data (DB2000). Complete OD-2 (Officer Report) Completes end-of-term turnover.

Lt/C Abel Ferreira, S
Lt/C Abel Ferreira, S

Lieutenant Commander Flag

Collects & disburses squadron funds. Keeps appropriate records, completes required reports. Files tax forms & returns. Ensures all squadron funds properly accounted for & in proper depositories. Works closely with Budget & Finance, and Auditing Committees. Completes end-of-term turnover.