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No matter how you power your vessel;  wind, paddle or engine, we have answers because we are the United States Power Squadrons - and we have the best recreational boating education program in the world.

Knowledge is the key to safe, enjoyable boating.  The United States Power Squadrons has educational programs that will enhance your boating skills.

Periodically various classes are presented for the benefit of the Public: The Boating Course includes State and USCG regulations, chart reading, seamanship, safety and more.  Our session seminars cover numerous topics including Using GPS, On Board Weather Forecasting, Using VHF radio including DSC, etc.  There also are Advanced Classes for Members ranging from Seamanship to Celestial Navigation.

Sponsored by: Mid-Hudson Power Squadron
Call for information:

Cdr. Kathy Somogyi, AP   845-453-8253
P/C Pat Smalley, AP   845-889-4242
AO Ernie Klopping, AP   845-266-8040

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